Consulting Services



Hire a full-stack experienced developer ready to be hands-on since the first day. A proactive Senior Full Stack Developer with more than 10 years of experience. The communication is frequent and consistent. You will get updates you about the progress in the project every day.


A Proactive Person

We fix things before they are a problem.


Top Stacks Expertise

From TALL to MERN stack.


SEO and Marketing

Up to date with the top SEO practices



Avoid injections or stolen sessions.


Hire a Team

Do you need to hire a dedicated team? We are the special forces. We can complete projects from inception to completion, including design and testing. We offer iterative development, continuous feedback and adaptability, working on agile environments.

  • We are a team who develop products that truly meet your customer's expectations.
  • We can also integrate your team, getting top tier talent able to unlock your team's full potential.
  • We can be part of your technical strategy via our expert advice.

We align your principles

We integrate your workflows


Or work independently

We monitor our time.


Strategic Advice

Need expert advice to improve your organization's technical capabilities? We have you covered. We can optimize your technical strategy, reviewing your architecture and making sure it aligns with your business objectives.

Our experience covers a wide variety of servers, but we specialize on e-commerce, streaming and blockchain sectors.

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